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The Bible is all about missions because God is all about missions. The term “missions” comes from the Latin phrase and concept “Missio Dei” which means the “mission of God” or “sending of God”. In order to restore, heal and reconcile the world back to Himself, God the Father sent forth His son, Jesus the Christ. Before Jesus left this world, He sent forth His disciples with the same mandate and message that His Father gave to Him (John 20:21). Therefore, the Christian is missional by identity.

Though we are a blended congregation, it is our Pastor’s vision for us to become missional in nature, while yet maintaining aspects of our traditional structure. Historically, the church of the West has been “attractional”. In other words, events and programs were implemented in an effort to draw the culture in. The Great Commission informs us to go and to make disciples (Matt 28:19). Jesus not only came and dwelt (incarnated) amongst men, but He also modeled what it looked like to live a life devoted to God within the context we are sent to. In an effort to engage this postmodern culture, our thinking must change from a “come and see” attitude to a “go and be” disposition. The greatest challenge for most churches in the West is going from attractional to incarnational and, for the borough of Lansdowne, it begins with us.


Mission: To participate in God’s mission to reconcile man back to Him (John 20:21).

Vision: As a missional church, we believe that our purpose is to carry the presence of God with us to the community to which God has sent us ( Exodus 33:14). Where the presence of God abides, not only is there liberation but reconciliation also takes place.

Mount sinai baptist church

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